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In 2022, I self-published two books of visual poetry with Tell Tell Poetry, an independent publishing service. Figures of Speech and beeing are now available for purchase on Lulu! With your purchase of beeing, 15% will be donated to the Women’s Earth Alliance, an organization that supports women developing solutions to climate change.

Blue book with red lettering spelling Figures of Speech

figures of speech 

"In Figures of Speech words, letters, and punctuation become tangible objects with which the poet can play and experiment. These poems are full of movement and wonder, sculpting text into visual art."

- Tell Tell Poetry 


Yellow book with white lettering fading to black reading beeing

"In Meryl Phair’s beeing, letters waggle-dance across the white space like honeybees deep in conversation. Each poem is a map of movement, discovery and typographical art. In beeing, destruction makes room for rebirth and renewal — when we are forced to make beauty out of the ruins of our human hive, finding sweetness in the cracks."

- Tell Tell


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